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Lighting Up Your Skyline

Fractal is a leading provider of building facade lighting services in Dubai - UAE, offering the best architectural lighting solutions and specialized in developing modern and aesthetic facade lighting for high-rise buildings across the UAE, Middle East & KSA. Our tailored facade lighting solutions enhance the visual appearance of building facades with energy efficiency, safety, and durability. Our team of experienced facade lighting consultants, designers, and engineers create customized, bespoke facade lighting designs that accentuate your building's architectural features, using the latest facade lighting fixtures and techniques.

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Services We Provide

Artistic Architectural Lights

Custom interior & exterior artistic lighting solutions tailor-made to your requirements & features of the building.

Lighting Projection Mapping

We specialize in projection of media on surfaces of all sizes and are known to provide the best gobo projection light service & video projection mapping.

Media Facade Lighting

Layers of individually programmable lights arranged to a building's exterior surface to act as a dynamic display for text, images, and video animations. We excel in both the media mesh facade & led media facade.

Lighting Design Solution

A best facade lighting design service using concepts and renders that visualize what kind of wall grazing lighting could be implemented on our clients infrastructure.

Lighting Programming

We are experts in programs that control/choreograph lighting for events using our clients existing setup.

Outdoor LED Screens

Efficient outdoor LED screens, provide a convenient & reliable way to deliver high-quality visual content to a large audience, resulting in effective marketing communication.


Our design team provides different modern lighting solutions for building structures according to your desired lighting design services.

Supply & Installation

We use only genuine facade light components from the market’s leading brands. This ensures the longevity and efficient operation of the hardware.

Operations & Maintenance

We tend to ensure longevity and efficient operation of the hardware. Our team ensures the required maintenance is done so the overall facade lighting system works properly.

Our Working Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us?

We work closely with you to understand your requirements, we come up with innovative facade lighting ideas and create tailored lighting concepts that will match your building's architectural design and make it stand out.

Customized Design Solutions

We use LED technology and other energy-efficient lighting systems, which greatly reduce energy consumption.

Energy Efficient

Our lighting systems are equipped with advanced control automation features that enable dynamic lighting effects, including color-changing displays and sequences.

Advanced Lighting Controls

All our facade light products and systems are tested to ensure a high level of durability and safety making us one of the best lighting companies in Dubai. Moreover, they're built to withstand various weather conditions. 

Durable and Safe

We offer end-to-end project management services, including consultation, design, installation, and facade light testing to ensure ideal execution and timely delivery of projects.

Comprehensive Project Management

Our team of skilled engineers and technicians provides ongoing maintenance, control system, support, and troubleshooting assistance to ensure that your lighting systems operate efficiently.

Maintenance & Support

We try to come up with the best building lighting options that best-fit your requirements and are worth the money as well. Our aim is to help you get the most value for your money. 



Benefits Of Facade Lighting

Increased Visibility

Building facade lighting increases the visibility of a building, making it more noticeable and attracting attention. This is especially important for commercial buildings, such as retail stores, hotels, and office buildings, which need to stand out in a crowded skyline.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Exterior facade lighting can enhance the aesthetics of a building by emphasizing its unique architectural features, textures, and materials. It can also create a sense of interest, adding a new dimension to the building's appearance.

Branding and Marketing

LED facade lighting design concepts can be used as a branding and marketing tool, by creating a visual identity for the building that reflects the brand's values and personality. Moreover, media facade lighting designs can help to attract customers and increase marketability.

Energy Efficiency

Modern facade lighting systems are designed to be energy efficient, using LED lights and smart controls to reduce energy consumption. This can help to reduce the building's carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Facade lighting is a type of architectural decorative lighting technique that illuminates the exterior of a building, highlighting its architectural features, enhancing its aesthetics, and leaving a lasting impression.

Our Past Projects

Explore our past projects to witness how our facade lighting solutions have transformed ordinary facades into extraordinary works of art.

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