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 Multiple 3D hologram fans that can be synced to display an animation of your   choice giving it a levitating holographam effect.

A modern display technique in a sleek housing giving a contextual 3d immersive look to your product.


A holographic box containing the object to showcase with an static or animated hologram interacting with it.

A free float hologram that can be placed anywhere and at anyplace in a dark room.

A special glass that uses reflections to create a  realistic hologram.

We have extensive knowledge of over 10 years in delivering holograms & 3D animation services. Holograms allow users to view 3D Content through the naked eye. The technology utilized in creating a hologram depends on the location, lighting conditions, and many other factors. Our team will suggest the best Hologram solution to fit your requirements.

3D Holograms

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