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Interactive Rotating


 A live and 360 revolving monitor showing the many dimensions with insight of different virtual content.

Display technology with a 55 inch touch screen with different videos and details of the information will show on the front screen.

Sliding Screens

Consists of a 6m Interactive Sliding Screen that displays content with the background of your choice.

Interactive Pressure Tiles

Consists of inbuilt pressure sensors that allows the LED panels to react to user input and generate content accordingly.

Interactive Floor Solutions

An engaging method where the LED floor sensors will detect them and connect with the live content will ineract with the user on the floor.

Interactive Projection


Adding sensor technology to the traditional way of reading a book.

Interactive Projection Walls

Consists of an interactive projection that can be triggered by sensors.

Interactive Sensor Walls

A large LED WALL with spots that will represent different topics to the user’s movement using sensors.

Tangible Tables

A large screen with circular pucks that  trigger different menus and displays.

Interactive Table with Projection

A large screen with circular pucks that  trigger different menus and displays.

Every experience can be enhanced through Interactivity. Through the use of engagement tools & interactive media display, our technologies can be made into Interactive Solutions. This allows users to take control over the way they interact with the technology. They can decide on what content that they see and how they see it.

Interactive Solutions

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