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DNA XS stands out among a lot other technologies since it is more dynamic and has 2 different surfaces with LED screens and Mirror.

The DNA is a vertical structure made out of 24 rotating levels, with 768 LED panels in total.

20x Sliding Screens

A collection of 20 vertical displays placed on a rail that move individually from left to right.

A collection of multiple screens that move vertically to create a wall (of any size in dimension) and that can be synchronized with countless amount of screens.

A sphere composed of multiple moving screens that pop in and out, displaying your content.

Consists of 9 individual screen placed in vertical triangle that is divided into 3 sections, which can rotate in any direction individually. While playing content on each screen.

Consists of 20 Displays on each side that are customized to sync and display any content throughout the screens. (The whole structure rotates 360 degrees)

Gravity Display by Levita is a unique and elegant way to showcase medium-sized objects through levitation.

Our customized Techno-Art pieces stand out. Each technology is engineered and manufactured in house, meaning each piece is unique. Many of our existing solutions are available for purchase or rental, otherwise we can create a customized piece for you.

Techno Art Pieces

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